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Western Strong: Ensuring Campus Safety

We strongly encourage you to visit the Gunnison County Health 和 Human Services Coronavirus Resources page for daily-updated information on local public health orders 和 guidance.

联系我们 with any questions about Western Strong—Ensuring Campus Safety preparedness for Fall 2020.

Western Strong preparedness updates: Fall 2020

Last updated: July 28, 2020

All students will be expected to adhere to these COVID-19 Campus Protocols 和 Expectations; contact Dean of Students Gary Pierson 带着疑问。


  • The Fall 2020 semester will start Monday, August 17, 2020一周初
  • On-campus courses will end Tuesday, November 24, 2020, before Thanksgiving Break
  • Final Exams will be online from December 1 through December 4, 2020, two weeks early (they may stay in campus housing if necessary)
  • 中期下跌突破 (previously, October 16, 2020) 被消除
  • New Student Orientation, Move-In, 和 Wilderness Based Orientation (WBO),因此, have revised dates earlier in August:
  • The start of Fall 2020 Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (NCAA) athletics has been delayed. Athletes will now begin practice August 24; competition will begin September 18. Football, Women’s Soccer, 和 Volleyball will undertake an in-conference-only schedule.

For specifics on new orientation, move-in, 和 WBO schedules visit our Your Questions—Answered page.

Summer 2020 Campus Activities

  • Campus tours for prospective students 已恢复: join a tour, or schedule a visit.
  • Taylor Hall, the Mountaineer Field House, 和 Wilderness Pursuits have reopened with limited hours.
  • In the University Center, Mad Jack Café 和 the Bookstore are open with limited hours. The upstairs Rare Air Café is reserved for visiting groups.
  • Campus buildings remain swipe-access-only for individuals granted access to a particular facility, though accesses will be reconsidered as we approach the start of the schoolyear.
  • Masks and social distancing are required in all common areas of campus, per State of Colorado 和 Gunnison County Health & Human Services guidelines.

State of Colorado 和 Gunnison County public health orders

Western adheres to state and local Safer At 葡京娱乐app guidelines advocated by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis 和 Gunnison County Public Health Director Joni Reynolds. These guidelines change frequently: refer to the Colorado Department of Public Health & EnvironmentGunnison County Health 和 Human Services pages for most current information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question on a topic not listed here? 访问此页 to view our frequently asked questions related to COVID-19, or 西部电子邮件 与这个问题。